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Our Business Development Philosophy;

Biem Pharmaceuticals is primarily a speciality pharmaceutical marketing partner to commercialise later stage or marketed products in the territory of Turkey and select markets.

At Biem Pharmaceuticals, we know that good partnerships are key to success.
We are committed to continued and strategic growth through targeted product acquisitions, in-licensing new opportunities and forming mutually beneficial business partnerships.

At this stage, we are willing to look at all therapeutic areas with a strong focus on Biologicals, Oncology, Hematology, Ophtalmology, Radiology and Gynecology. While concentrating on speciality prescription pharmaceuticals, we will also consider acquiring generic pharmaceuticals.

We continue to identify such product opportunities and specialty areas that fit our capabilities and enhance our future business objectives.
In our partnerships, Biem shares the desire to bring novel therapeutics to patients on a local and global basis.

We are seeking new products for acquisition, promotion, and/or in and outlicensing which are already on the market or in late-stage development. We work independently as well as in partnership with companies that share the same goal.

Strategic Partnerships

Biem Pharmaceuticals, Business Development, In licensing & Out licensing of Pharmaceuticals
Biem Pharmaceuticals, Business Development, Pharmaceutical Product Acquisitions based on a proven molecule and therapies with a significant commercial opportunity.
Biem Pharmaceuticals, Business Development, Product Distribution Agreements covering products that have already been approved or are in late-stage review with available data.
Biem Pharmaceuticals, Business Development, Registration
Biem Pharmaceuticals, Business Development, Sales and Marketing

Biem places high value on collaboration and recognizes the benefits and opportunities a partnership can offer.
Our management team has had extensive variety of successful partnerships in licensing ,registering and marketing speciality pharmaceuticals and successfully cooperate with both large and small companies based in the US, Europe, and Asia.

To find out more about partnering, businesses development and collaborative opportunities with Biem Pharmaceuticals, Please direct Business Development inquiries to:

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