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  Antianemic   Acyclovir   Allergo Comod Eye Drops   Biem Pharmaceuticals
  Antineoplastic Agents   Busulfan   Allergo Comod Nasal   Celon Pharma Sp.Zo.O.
  Antisicchasia and Antiemetic products   Cyclosporine   Allergocrom Eye Drops   Farma-Derma S.L.R.
  Gynecologiical Products   Fluorometholon   Buslera   Medac Geselschaft für klinische Spezialpraparate mbH.
  Hypnotic and Sedative (Analog of Benzodiazepine)   Gadopentetic Acid Dimeglumin Salt   Cicatridina Vaginal Ovule   Panacea Biotec
  Immunsupresant (Inhibitor of kalsinor)   Iopamidol   Emaray 10 ml   PT. Novell Pharmaceutical Laboratoies
  MR Kontrast   Iron Hydroxide Sucrose complex   Emaray 15 ml   Ursapharm
  Nasal Products   Letrozol   Emaray 20 ml    
  Opthalmological Products   Midazolam   Emfer 100 mg/5 ml    
  Purine Analogue   Oxaliplatin  

Fluoropos Eye Drop

  Radio Contrast Material   Palonosetron   Hylo Comod Eye Drop    
      Polyacrylic acid   Hysan Baby %0.04 Sodium Hyaluronate    
      Polyvinil alcohol+dexpanthenol   Letroks    
      Prednisolon acetate   Miloz 15 mg/3 ml    
      Retinol palmitate   Miloz 5 mg/5 ml    
      Sodium cromoglycate   Ocladra 2 mg/ml    
      Sodium hyaluronate   Oxalimedac 100 mg    
      Takrolimus (as monohydrate)   Oxalimedac 50 mg    
      Timolol maleat   Pamiray 300 100 ml    
      Xylometazolin hydrochlorid   Pamiray 300 50 ml    
      Cladribine   Pamiray 370 100 ml    
          Pamiray 370 50 ml    
          Panolimus 0.5 mg Capsule    
          Panolimus 1 mg Capsule    
          Panolimus 5 mg Capsule    
          Panosporin 100 mg    
          Panosporin 25 mg    
          Panosporin 50 mg    
          Siccapos Gel    
          Siccaprotect Eye Drop    
          Timo-Comod %0,5 Sterile Eye Drops    
          Timolol Pos %0,5 Sterile Eye Drops    
          Vitamin A Pos    
          Votron 250 mcg/5 mL    
          Xylo Comod    
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